ikoo Detox Ritual



Finally, a detox ritual that lets you eat pizza! We equipped this set for anyone who needs help getting rid of the bad stuff out of their life hair.
Inside, you'll find our Talk the Detox Shampoo that takes out the bad and brings in the good, our luxurious Detox & Balance Deep Caring Hair Mask that rebalances and nourishes hair, a classic Oyster home brush, and lastly, our Thermal Treatment Wrap that detoxes your hair while you binge on Netflix.

Part of a Lola prescribed hair care ritual.

Bundle up with this kit and save 15%!

What's inside:

Talk the Detox Shampoo (11.8 Fl Oz)
Deep Caring Hair Mask - Detox & Balance (6.8 Fl Oz)
ikoo brush HOME Metallic Collection Black - Oyster
Thermal Treatment Wrap - Talk the Detox (1 sachet)

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